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Is it worth it? YES!

A cute young lady came in with a chair that had belonged to her grandmother.  The chair had been in the basement for a few years.  As a first timer to the world of reupholstering she had lots of questions.

Her first question was “is it worth it?”  I told her that this is not a question I can answer for you.  I can give the price and tell you if it is a well made piece of furniture, but the decision belongs to you.

I then went on to explain that when considering whether to reupholster, there are a few questions you want to ask yourself.  Is it a comfortable chair? Yes. Is it well made? Yes. Does the style fit with your decor? Yes.  Does it have sentimental value? Yes.  If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, weigh the importance of each and make your decision.

From there the next step was to select the fabric.  Her search for the perfect fabric began in our showroom, with literally hundreds of thousands of fabrics to choose from. To quickly narrow the scope I asked her a few questions: How much will the chair be used?  Where will you place the chair in your home (answer, bedroom) and what else is in that room (answer, not much) ?  Then I am able to determine how durable the fabric should be, color (answer, aqua and raspberry) and design (answer, girly fun whimsical).

To begin the reupholstering process on her grandma’s chair, we tore the chair down to the bare frame getting rid of all of the nasty old cotton and straw padding.  The only thing we saved was the coil seat and back springs.  We glued the wood frame to strengthen it.  Then the chair was ready to have the wood stripped and refinished.

When the frame returned, we put the coil spring back into the frame and retied the springs in the 8-way hand tied fashion.  We padded the frame and reupholstered grandma’s chair.  On the inside of the frame we upholstered the seat and back in a floral to match her valances (which we also made) and used a complimentary stripe for the outsides.  We added silver, head-to-head nail trim to match her lighting and other hardware.

The end result is FABULOUS—A happy young lady and a chair that will last her a lifetime.  I hope someday she will give this chair to her granddaughter.